News and Opportunities

The two current theatre projects, ‘Julie and Johnny’ and ‘The Blow That Never Fell’ have already been described – anyone with any interest in knowing more about these as they develop may feel free to get in touch with the company.

You can get involved with learning essential script writing skills and techniques with Shaun in both the UK and Italy:

Writing for performance courses and workshops taught by Shaun in the UK

Shaun continues to teach a range of courses for OUDCE, Oxford University Continuing Education Department. Some are open access, but some longer courses require an application process with a sample of writing.

He will be delivering a weekend masterclass in adaptation in script writing (stage and screen) in June 2019. Details can be found here.

In January – February 2020 he will again run a short course in the ‘Effective Writing’ series, and in June he will run a weekend masterclass called (rather informally for Oxford University!) ‘Dancing In The Street, Dancing On Cars – How To Write A Musical’. Details of how to join these and other OUDCE courses will be available later in 2019 here.

Writing for performance courses and workshops taught by Shaun in Italy

Hooligan Theatre Productions have combined with Italian cultural and touristic organisation ‘The Authentic Irpinia’ to run a series of one week residential writing masterclasses / holidays in Gesualdo, Italy in June 2020. 16th century composer-murderers will not be involved!

Specific ‘after class’ itineraries, dates in June and (post Brexit!) prices for the one week courses /holidays have still to be finalised, but many exciting things are already in place:

A full online brochure will be produced in due course, until them, please contact Shaun for further information or to register an interest.