Welcome to the Website of Dave Moorwood, guitarist, banjoist, bass player, bandleader, arranger and vocalist in the traditional jazz idiom.

Since finishing an eight year stint with the Pete Allen Jazzband , Dave has been able to devote more time to his  Rascals of Rhythm, enlarging the repertoire , playing festivals and clubs and touring.

The band exudes enthusiasm and energy whilst remaining the well organised and distinctive unit it always has been and gives Susan Valliant Speer and the individual soloists in the band plenty of space to demonstrate their talents.

Geoff Hull left the band  in September ’05 to spend more time in Spain. His place has been taken by  another fine bass player - Roger Davis.

Tony Isaacs, an original Rascal, retired from the band, also in Sept ‘05. We were lucky to be able to secure the services of another excellent reed player - Tony Blincowe.

The personnel is now :  
Dave Moorwood Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Arrangements
Mike Wills Soprano & Tenor saxes  and Clarinet
Tony Blincowe Clarinet, Soprano, Alto & Tenor saxes
Perry Lock  Piano
Roger Davis String Bass
Susan Valliant Speer  Vocals

Dave has also brought the Big Bear Stompers out of hibernation - click the Bears link to read all about it!

Please feel free to e-mail Dave with any comments or suggestions about the website.

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