When we made our first CD in 2002, the band consisted of the people you see on the right of your screen, with the addition on some tracks of Frank Brooker.

Since then the band has appeared at Jazz Festivals in Birmingham, Bude, Broughton-in-Furness, Brecon, Swanage and Teignmouth, as well as the Solihull Jazz and Blues Festival and John Petters’ ‘Now You Has Jazz...’ Weekend in Pakefield

We're fortunate to have access to a pool of excellent musicians who are familiar with our unhackneyed repertoire and fit comfortably into the Condon style. These include (in addition to those shown above) Mike Wills, John Wurr, Roger Manwaring, Chris Pearce, Geoff Cole, Paul Munnery, Graham Hughes, Perry Lock, Alan Dandy, Roger Heeley, Peter Tabois, Phil Blandford, Geoff Barwell, Rachel Hayward, Annie Hawkins, Clive Morton, Roger Davis, Roger Heath, Mike Bennett and Steve Laming.

The Recording Band
Clockwise from top left: Norman Field, Judy Eames, Tony Davis, Jim Denham, John Barron,
Malcolm Hogarth, Isabel Toner
Our vocalist and de facto leader is Judy Eames. A permanent feature of the band is the 1938 Conn Victor cornet which was owned and played by Max Kaminsky, and which after Max‘s death passed to Chris Tyle and from Chris to Tony Davis (another constant). The horn, by the way, is called ‘Connee’, after the divine Connee Boswell, and her provenance was certified by Max's widow, the late Virginia Hughes Kaminsky.
Because of financial considerations we normally don't have the full complement of seven in the band - drums are a luxury we can rarely afford. The most usual line-up is cornet, reeds or trombone, piano, guitar and bass - and of course singer.