The big news!

This page is for those of you lovely enough to consider helping Hooligan Theatre Productions raise the money we need to bring ‘Scrumpy and Western: The Life and Times of Adge Cutler’ into life as a full production.

We are delighted to be invited to bring our show to The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, playing nightly from 20 July to 6 August. The Tobacco Factory has a national reputation for presenting high quality work. We know we have a winning show: great story, wonderful cast and of course modern classic songs.

We urgently need to raise additional funds to deliver the best possible show and we are currently developing ways in which Adge Cutler fans, theatre-goers and other generous people can ‘chip in’ to help us reach the goal of £14000 sponsorship and donations. (This is in addition to money from Arts Council England and ticket sales: we’ve worked it all out very carefully!)

This is a chance to be part of a show that brings the unique music of a West Country hero back to life. To businesses and organisations, your names as supporters will be appear on the extensive advertising campaign we are planning. ‘Scrumpy and Western’ will be appearing everywhere soon, on radio to billboards and posters. (We can provide more details of our marketing plan.)

Bring Scrumpy back to life!

Please help this great company bring Scrumpy and Western to life again!

What to do

So, you would like to help us fund this show. You might be an individual wanting to chip in a bit as an Adge Cutler fan. You might be a business wanting to be part of an exciting Bristol project. You might want to give us something anonymously, or you might want to give us lots and lots of money and have us shout about your generous support from the nearest high building. We are happy either way! In the words of the supermarket ‘every little helps!’

Please your contact details, and one of the company will be right back to you to discuss your generous offer. You can leave a phone number if you would rather talk to us.

We will be offering a range of treats for people who have contributed: free tickets, ‘meet the company’ nights, all still being worked out. Everyone will receive updates on the show’s progress into production.

All monies will be deposited in the company bank account which is administrated with all the transparency and oversight required of any Arts Council supported organisation.

In the horrible event of insufficient money being raised and the show not able to go ahead, of course all money will be returned, with grovelling apologies.

But with your generous help, that won’t happen!


We have to raise this money by mid January 2016, so if you would like to be part of a major show on the Bristol arts scene in 2016, please act now.


Thankee! From the Scrumpy and Western team