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Collider’s hopefully descriptive but intriguing sub-title is ‘Vaudeville, burlesque, religion and particle physics!’ The action of the play centres on the visit by an American evangelical, creationist pastor and his wife to the large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. The theme of the play is the increasing conflict between key Christian, Bible-based beliefs and scientific discovery. Religion comes off worse, but the pastor may have the best lines. (Remind you of anyone else about whom that is said?)

With the rise of Muslim – Western / Christian conflicts around the world that, as one character in the play says, ‘a 12th century crusader would recognise’ (beheadings, the holy justification of murder by both sides: the dogmas remain unchanged, only the weaponry changes) and with the Large Hadron Collider about to be switched on again in 2015 to find further proofs that will pose more problems for those people who deduce from the Bible that the world is only 6000 years old, Collider is a play that we hope will have a further outing in the near future. It has provoked heated debate – a key part of what the author believes theatre should do.

‘You do know that what he preaches is complete nonsense don’t you? No angelic ghost ever came down and impregnated a Jewish virgin who then gave birth to the son of god. None of that ever happened.’ (Doctor Cydney Lavelle to Martha, the pastor’s wife, towards the end of Collider.)

Watch this page for news of developments for Collider as a Hooligan Theatre Production.

Below are some stills from one of the performances at the Old Fire Station, Oxford, in January 2015:

Amy Enticknap as the pastor's wife, revealing her surprising former life!

Amy Enticknap Gaye Poole Steve Hay, Amy Enticknap James Card

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